Cheerios' Sweet Super Bowl Ad Caught in Crazy Political Battle (VIDEO)

So that interracial Cheerios family is back. You know the one -- they caused quite the commotion last year, because zomg sometimes people with different skin colors fall in love and get married and have children!

Anyway, they’re back for round two, so obviously that means Republicans are racists. Wait, what? Ah, MSNBC ... able to leap from an adorable ad about family and cereal to name calling conservatives in a single bound! The network tweeted Wednesday night, “Maybe the rightwing will hate it, but everyone else will go awww: the adorable new #Cheerios ad w/ biracial family.”


Seriously? They deleted the tweet Thursday morning and followed it up with a half-assed apology.

You know, you’d think they’d know better than to stir the racism pot so soon after the whole adopted Romney baby fiasco in which panelists on Melissa Harris-Perry’s show mocked the poor little tyke for being a black kid in a white family.

Harris-Perry actually came back and gave a very heartfelt apology for the incident, which the former presidential candidate graciously accepted.

Now RNC Chairman Reince Priebus is asking for the same courtesy of MSNBC President Phil Griffin. In a letter to Griffith posted online, Priebus stated that he has “banned all RNC staff from appearing on, associating with, or booking any RNC surrogates on MSNBC,” and that he has encouraged other Republicans to follow his lead, until Griffin makes a personal and public apology.

He wrote:

Sadly, such petty and demeaning attacks have become a pattern at your network. With increasing frequency many of your hosts have personally denigrated and demeaned Americans -- especially conservative and Republican Americans -- without even attempting to further meaningful political dialogue.

For reals, MSNBC ... the “Republicans are racists” jokes are so 2009. Please come up with better insults if you want to remain relevant. And good on Reince for taking a stand against this ridiculous schoolyard behavior.

Meanwhile, have you seen the ad? It’s absolutely adorable. (Said the Republican.)

Do you think MSNBC owes Republicans a real apology?


Image via Cheerios/YouTube

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