US Troops Keep Up the Spirits With Their Own Version of Outkast's 'Hey Ya' (VIDEO)

You know those team building exercises so many companies do to boost morale and bond co-workers? I tend to dislike them. Not the team building sentiment, the actual act that is supposed to team build. But the US Navy Command and Control Squadron has done it right.

VAW-116 Hawkeye Squadron -- the Sun Kings -- made a video of Outkast's Hey Ya back in 2006. Maybe you saw it then. Maybe you forget. You definitely have to check it out now.


All the members of the Sun Kings at this time in 2006 appear in the video. I see pride. I see hilarity. I see team building. This video is just really cool.

This isn't the only video VAW-116 has made. They did The Black Eyed Pea's Pump It and All American Rejects Move Along, as well. Yeah, they're fun. If anyone was on the fence of whether to join the Navy or not this may be the one thing to tip you in the favorable direction. All we need is a few good men and women -- brave and with a sense of humor.

What do you think of the Sun Kings' video? What song should they do next?

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