Mom's Reaction to Son's Sweet Super Bowl Surprise Is Priceless (VIDEO)

Oh my gosh, this video pulls at my mommy heartstrings! A man named Mike Harris recently gave his mom, a life-long Seahawks fan, the sweetest surprise when he got her tickets to see her favorite team play in the Super Bowl this year.

They'd wanted to go but quickly realized it wasn't going to be financially possible, so they gave up the dream. Then thanks to some deal sleuthing, Mike was able to make it happen.


Take a look and just revel in her pure joy at this precious gift from her son.

Do you love it? Not only does she get to go see her Seahawks play in the Super Bowl, she gets to go with her son. Just in case you were wondering, the Jesse they're referring to in the vid is Mike's best friend from kindergarten to today and practically a member of the family.

What's the sweetest gift you've ever given or received?


Image via Mike Harris/YouTube

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