Couple Who Met in Jail Gets Engaged With Cop's Help (VIDEO)

Matt and Sam Matt Van Vliet and Samantha Labo aren't that different from your average newly engaged couple. Except for one big thing: Most couples don't stage elaborate proposals wherein they enlist the help of the local police. Yeah, no joke -- Matt pulled the prank proposal of a lifetime on his now soon-to-be-wife. Samantha was first on the verge of tears when she thought her boyfriend was getting arrested -- but then she was crying for a whole new (and infinitely more positive) reason.

But why get the cops in on the game? Because Matt and Samantha met ... in jail. I never thought I'd see the day a story of two jailbirds would have me cooing, but here we are. When they were both freshmen in college, they found themselves arrested under suspicion of underage drinking. They entered the clink as virtual strangers. But it didn't stay that way for long!


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The duo quickly became close after their time in jail and have been inseparable ever since. Aw, their love became their new handcuffs that bound them. They definitely retained their sense of humor about the less than auspicious start to their union. Matt's master plan to fool Samantha involved putting in a call to the cop who actually arrested them four years earlier!

Luckily this is a cop with a romantic streak, because he agreed to help play the joke and to help capture the whole thing on video. On a slightly more saccharine note, this is a wonderful reminder of just how twisty and strange the road to finding love can be. You have no idea where love is going to find you. It's often in the most unlikely places. It's great that what probably started off as a terrible night ended with two people finding their soul-mates.

Do you have a crazy story about how you got engaged?

Image via ComingSoonNews/YouTube

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