Cruel Challenge Forces Diehard Fans to Watch Big Football Game in Silence (VIDEO)

seattle seahawks fansThe Seattle Seahawks vs. San Francisco 49ers game took place back on Sunday, January 19. Despite the hype that was the Manning vs. Brady showdown, the NFC Championship game was definitely the one to watch that day. It ended in spectacular, even controversial, fashion, when the 49ers were about to take the lead in a last-ditch drive down the field. But the Seahawks' super-impressive defense stepped up and intercepted the ball in the end zone, culminating in what everyone couldn't stop talking about after the game: That infamous Richard Sherman interview.

But here's something a little less controversial that's been making the rounds all week in the lead-up to the Super Bowl. A bunch of die-hard Seahawks fans were tasked with watching the NFC Championship game in complete and utter silence. That's right, not one word. If they succeeded, these members of the Seattle Youth Football League would walk away with $5,000. A huge and daunting task for even the most casual of football fans!


But what happens next is the stuff of Internet gold. All these guys, who seem like a group you'd love to catch the games with every Sunday, are able to not make a sound for the entire game ... uuuuuuuntil the very end, when that insane defensive play won the game.

It would have taken superhuman strength to have remained silent during that exciting finish if your team's trip to the Super Bowl was on the line. Check it out:

Hilarious, right? That poor pillow. And it's so great that the league walked away with $50,000 regardless. You just knew that they were going to get something after all this effort they went through! Feel-good stuff all around.

It's been well known throughout the season that the "12th man" for the Seattle Seahawks has been their die-hard, extremely loud fans disrupting the other teams whenever they can. So watching this hugely important game in total silence had to have been borderline torturous for these guys. But it looks like it was all well worth the effort in this hilariously creative, clever challenge.

At least these guys can cheer for real at the Super Bowl this Sunday!

Would you be able to get through your favorite team's game without making a sound?


Image via FOX Sports/YouTube

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