Couple Walks Right Past Big Bear Waiting on Front Porch Without a Clue (VIDEO)

bears, yo! Hide your picnic baskets, y'all. Because BEEEEEEEEEEARS! Baby bears, to be precise. They are on the loose and running rampant -- in California, at any rate. Bob and Irene McKeown were visiting family in Pasadena from their home in Scotland when they had an encounter with a bear that could have gone wrong so quickly. It's enough to make you shudder. So scary!

Thankfully, the elderly couple escaped mostly unscathed, but they were definitely shaken. Bob was left with a nick on his leg, the couple has a crazy story to bring back with them, and thanks to the glory of the Internet, we've got a video of the whole thing going down. God bless America, but mostly YouTube.


Bob and Irene were oblivious to the bear who stood just outside the front door of the house where they were staying. Irene headed out to the car as Bob locked up. The bear lurked all-bear-like in the shadows, panicked and frozen. But as soon as it became clear to him that the couple hadn't spotted his presence -- he decided to make his ferocity known.

The bear trundled after Bob and swiped at his leg! That's when the panicked Scotman beat a hasty retreat to the house -- after making sure Irene was safe and inside the car. Once he was inside, Bob immediately called for backup. You know, BEAR BACKUP.*

Can you imagine anything as terrifying as opening your door in the morning and spotting a bear just hanging out there? I mean, yes. This is also mildly (totally) hilarious -- but it wouldn't earn even one chortle if anything serious had befallen the couple. That said, knowing they are both fine, if shaken, I've watched this clip roughly 80 times.

Have you ever had a scary encounter with a wild animal?


Image via Brit Prof/YouTube

*Bear Backup is, sadly, not a thing.

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