Marines’ ‘Greased Lightning’ Parody Video Is Almost Too Hot to Take (WATCH)

swedish marines greased lightningIf I'm gone tomorrow, it's because I've run off to join the Swedish Marines and this video will explain why. Say goodbye to the rest of the afternoon! Here's a parody video of Swedish Marines doing "Greased Lightning" while stationed in Afghanistan. My oh my, they have successfully erased from my mind the original John Travolta number from the musical Grease. Now and forever there is only this: A crew of hot Swedes gyrating around a souped-up Humvee.


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I haven't been this excited about a Swedish film since Bergman's Fanny and Alexander! Amirite? Hello? (Crickets. Tap, tap. This thing on?)

Never mind that. Just watch this, because it's hot. And funny! And HAWT. I don't know how they came up with this idea, but I love it. They obviously practiced a lot, and for that reason alone, it's worth the view. These guys have got some moves, especially the lead. What is his deal? Why does he have to be so ridiculously handsome? I'm not usually into mustaches, but dayum. He's making me reconsider.

We all know military personnel end up with a lot of down time out in the middle of nowhere. Some fill the time playing cards or video games. Others lift weights. (I think there's plenty of that going on here as well.) But these guys -- they decided to choreograph a musical number, just about the last thing you'd expect from a military outfit, especially the Marines.

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But these are Marines we're talking about. Their manliness is so undisputed, they can afford to squander some testosterone capital on a bit of musical theater. I just wish I were there to show my appreciation in person. OH WELL.

How do you think the Swedish Marines' version of "Greased Lightning" compares with the original?


Image via Buzzy Soren/YouTube

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