Man Violently Attacked for Complaining About Bad Haircut (VIDEO)

stabbingHave you ever gone to the salon and left with a cut you didn't like? It happens to everyone at some point. Most of us silently stew and fret and perhaps vow to find a new stylist. Though some are bold enough to voice just how much they hate it. Well, this story may make you rethink being so vocal. A hairdresser in China lost his temper with an unhappy client and stabbed him in the chest with a pair of scissors, and the entire crazy scene was caught on camera. Check out the shocking video.


Wild, right? Apparently, the client told the stylist he was not impressed with his work. That sent the guy over the edge. Needless to say, his coworkers were shocked by the attack and were able to lock him in a room. However, he managed to flee and police are searching for him. As for the poor customer, he had to undergo surgery because the scissors damaged his lungs.

Something like this really makes you think about how you treat people in the service industry. Of course, this particular reaction was criminal and more than a little bit insane. But there are countless waitresses, clerks, and customer service reps who wish they could put a rude and disgruntled person in their place. It's a natural reaction. And it's the reason many people are hesitant to complain about their food at a restaurant. The waiter or chef may not come out and stab you, but who knows what they will do to your meal when they take that plate back.

I've been in stores when a shopper has yelled at a clerk. And I can't even count how many times I've seen a customer be rude to a manicurist or pedicurist. In most instances, the poor worker tries their best to appease the complainer. They usually just bite their tongue and take it, but what if they didn't?

Have you ever complained about someone at a store or shop? What happened?

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