Penguin Slips on Ice & What Happens Next Will Melt You (VIDEO)

penguin faceDon't let Morgan Freeman's dulcet tones fool you: It's tough out there for a penguin. I mean, sure, they are adorable, they do cute tricks, they mate for life and waddle in a fashion that is highly entertaining -- but the cold, my god the sheer cold they have to endure! But that doesn't make it any less cute when they fall on their adorable, penguin-y butts.

We might not be penguins (if you are a penguin and you're reading this, I don't know, follow me on Twitter I guess?), but as this polar vortex drags on and on, we are all starting to know a little bit about the cold. I'm sure we're all starting to feel like penguins, waddling around in our layers. It's easy to get bogged down in the bad weather and get grumpy this time of year. Well here's a little something to lighten your load and bring on the giggles.


BEHOLD! Arguably the cutest video on the face of the planet! Nature's chilliest (and chillest) birds are on the go, waddling from point A to point B when a shift in the already-slippery ice causes one to totally bite it! As if that weren't lol-inducing enough, he makes one heck of a noise upon making contact with the ground.

I think anyone who's ever fallen over in the wintertime knows exactly how he feels: Cold, disgruntled, embarrassed, and probably a little bit sore. It's nice during these still-long days to have a good little chuckle at our arctic bretheren's expense. Given the reaction of the other birds, we think they'd approve. The moral of the story: You get knocked down, but you get up again. They're never gonna keep you down.

What videos do you watch when you need cheering up?


Image via BrynJ/Flickr

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