Man's 'Illegal' Marriage Proposal Is One of the Sweetest We've Seen

graffiti proposalSome people get engaged quietly by the light of the moon; others go all technicolor and bold. Ah, love. One New Yorker named Bart decided to go big and graffiti "Amber, will you marry me?" on the High Line in NYC, near 29th Street in Manhattan. Bart tagged up the construction site wall and it no doubt warmed the hearts of even those scorned by love.

I bet you're wondering what Amber said ....


If you look closely in that pile of dirt, you'll see Amber's answer. Not really. Made you look. I've learned that Amber said YES! And Gothamist went straight to the source to get the scoop on her law-breaking boyfriend turned fiance.

So, the story basically is this: being that I come from a Yemeni American Muslim family, getting engaged is rarely a surprise as the potential fiancé has to seek permission from my father to get engaged to me, and we then have a ceremony with close family where the ring is then placed on my finger and the celebrated. Bart's philosophy is there aren't enough good surprises in the world and given so much of our engagement was planned out, this came as a shock — mere hours after we officially got engaged at my home with our families! It was the very next morning. Bart insisted we go to the High Line early for a walk and coffee. As we approached a familiar spot he gave me a piece of paper and I caught the colors on the wall out of the corner of my eye and realized the sketch proposal on paper was twenty something feet long. I cried and said yes. It was such a mind blowing surreal moment!

Amber! That's just about the best thing that Bart could do. Knowing that alone and all the effort he put into this (plus the risk of getting caught and arrested) is proof he's willing to do just about anything for you. Sweet, sweet love!

All the best to Amber and Bart! They should frame this photo.

What do you think of this graffiti proposal? Do you have your own different kind of proposal story?


Image via ProFreshionalism/Instagram

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