Tennis Champ Was Asked Ridiculous Question About Boys Instead of Her Win (VIDEO)

Montreal native and tennis champ Eugenie Bouchard will make history on Thursday, as she becomes the first Canadian to play a semi-final match at the Australian Open. She is only the second Canadian to reach the semis in any of the four Grand Slam tournaments, and if she wins, she’ll be the first one ever to win a final.

Even better than that though is that Bouchard came in as the underdog, ranked 30th in the world. Granted, being the 30th best tennis player on the planet is a pretty great accomplishment, but to win the number one spot, that’s a lot of places to climb against some pretty incredible talent.


So what did one reporter want to know about her meteoric rise in the ranks? She wanted to know if she had any celebrity crushes. No joke. Take a look at the video below.

What the heck? What do celebrity crushes have to do with absolutely dominating the courts? I will say that this reporter seems like she was made to ask a question she didn’t really want to ask.

It also seems as though Bouchard was thrown off by it, I mean really, really thrown off, because she answered, “Justin Bieber.” She’s probably been too busy training and working her hiney off improving her game to know that the Biebs has taken a serious nosedive in popularity -- especially in Australia.

But really, what was the point of that? Do NFL players get asked which female celebrity they’d like to go on a date with after scoring the winning touchdown in a championship game? No. But the standards seem to be different for male and female sports competitors.


It's no wonder that a recent survey found that 7 out of 10 British female athletes feel they are more valued for their appearance than their athletic performance. Or that more than 3 out of 4 admitted to changing their diet and altering their training regimes due to the heightened scrutiny. Then there's the research which shows female endorsement deals are few and far between and often present women only in a sexualized way. In other words, athletes like Bouchard have no choice but to take questions like this in stride, if they have any chance of securing a lucrative endorsement deal to help them make a living.

Ugh, suck! You’d think in this day and age we’d be over trivializing women’s tremendous accomplishments by asking them to giggle about what boys they like. We’ll save that for our girlfriends over a bottle of wine, just like the boys keep locker-room talk in the locker room. A professional media interview is no place to be asking about an athlete’s fantasy love life, regardless of their gender.

Do you think the celebrity crush question was inappropriate?


Image via australianopen/YouTube

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