Woman Busts a Move in Ocean ... Until Wave Busts Her (VIDEO)

wavesThe ocean is no joke, as one poor woman recently discovered. It's big, wet, and full of prehistoric shark dinosaur monsters who crave succulent human flesh (two of these are actual facts). But seriously, as much as we love to frolic in the drink, it's important that we remember its sheer power. Nature is not to be trifled with. The ocean is basically as powerful as Beyonce. Toy with it at your own peril.

In a video that's rapidly going viral (just like herpes), one swimmer sees an oncoming wave and proceeds to act a fool. Seriously. She winds up looking like the biggest dork to e'er tread upon the sandy dunes. She does a funny little dance. It looks like she's almost mocking the waves. The ocean, in turn, is having none of it.


"I FIND YOUR MOVES TO BE LACKING," it bellows -- and issues a salty smack-down. The ocean is the Simon Cowell of the natural world. It is not amused by your antics. It thinks it would be in your best interest if you see yourself out immediately -- it hopes you didn't quit your day job. What's that? You think you have "mad fresh skills"? Then the ocean will escort you out.

That's what happened here. The waves bowled this tiny dancer over and then dragged her down the better part of the shore. It was terrifying! I was really, really convinced I was about to watch someone die. Having inadvertently once watched a beheading, this was not a road I favored going down again. Luckily, this fleet-footed stepper escaped with only minor cuts and bruises. She vows to return to the ocean once she's put some real time in at the studio.

Have you ever had any close calls with the ocean? Or with Simon Cowell?


Image via ahisgett/Flickr

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