Peter Pan Asks Wendy to Marry Him Onstage in Adorably Touching Proposal (VIDEO)

Peter Pan is supposed to be the boy who never grows up, but nothing was further from the truth when an actor playing the role in a Scottish stage production stopped the show to propose to the love of his life -- his Wendy. We always knew those two crazy kids had unbeatable chemistry!


In this amazingly romantic video, the cast is in the middle of singing a song when the music suddenly comes to a grinding halt. Peter breaks the fourth wall and addresses the audience. He tells them that this is normally the point in the show when Peter would kiss Wendy, but that something different is going to happen tonight. Instead, the real-life Peter would be professing his love for the young actress who plays his headstrong Wendy.

He informs her that all of her family members are in the audience and then drops to one knee to formally propose. Wendy is in absolute shock and can't help but shriek and scream, "Yes!" These two are the absolute most adorable couple I've ever seen and this proposal is right up there as one of the sweetest captured in recent years. 

It's easy to understand why this Peter and Wendy are so smitten with one another. When you work closely alongside someone, you get to see how he or she reacts under pressure and stress. What could be more stressful than opening night at the theater? If you and your partner are involved in the same artistic endeavor, it's even cooler because you (hopefully) grow to respect one another's talent and can lean on each other when you experience the harsh rejection that comes with the "biz."

Love these two and wish the best for them. Check out this gorgeous proposal: 

What do you think of this marriage proposal?


Image via YouTube

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