The Terrifying Moment Police Shot Suspect Holding Woman Hostage (WATCH)

robberIt was like a scene out of a movie. A hooded gunman takes three hostages at a Denver 7-Eleven. As the store was surrounded by cops, the robber tried to make a daring escape using one of the captured as a human shield. It was undoubtedly a terrifying moment for the woman at the end of his gun. Though the ending to this dramatic crime was unlike anyone expected. It went off more like a clip from Diehard than real life. Take a look. WARNING. THIS VIDEO IS DISTURBING.



Shocking, right. So much could have gone wrong with the decision to gun the guy down. What if that woman had suddenly moved or if the assailant had moved her in the line of fire? But the take-down was so seamless, so quick, so perfect.

Just minutes before walking into the store, the guy had been spotted running from police. After entering the store and taking the hostages, the police negotiators reportedly spent an hour trying to convince him to let the people inside go. He refused and the video catches him as he tried to leave using a frightened woman as a bullet-proof vest.

It was a terrifying ordeal for everyone in the area. Even witnesses across the street from the action were startled. “We’re kind of scared and kind of shaking,” said Anthony Flores, who was holding his young son in his arms when the shots rang out. “I’ve got chest pains just from seeing the actual shot go off. The guy just flew back and the girl took off running. It was kind of scary.” Indeed.

Do you think this was too risky to shoot the thief so close to the hostage?

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