Conan O'Brien's 'Secret Son' Looks a Heck of a Lot Like Conan (VIDEO)

conan If you want to reach out to someone, the internet is a great place to do it. The web (and the various local news outlet who clog its tubes with stories about dogs who can play croquet) are forever sharing stories of families reunited after years of separation with a little assist from Facebook.

It's also a great way to connect with strangers -- even famous ones. Exhibit all those "I asked John Stamos to The CafeMom Birthday Celebration Via Twitter & Now We Are Married" stories you see going around ( my head). Or you know, in actuality, asking famous people to their proms.

Well one random Ginger in New Jersey has decided to combine the two -- with hilarious results. No but seriously, he's my new favorite person, and I hate most people.


Greg Keating has taken to YouTube with a hilarious (and hilariously awkward) video. The meat of the two minute clip? Keating theorizes that his real-life dad? Is Late Night impresario, Conan O'Brien. The video begs the scandalous question: Is this dude really Conan's illegitimate son?

His proof is virtually non-existent (his mom left a job in 30 Rock after conceiving him, he has red hair), but it almost doesn't matter. The video is good enough that you find yourself wishing Greg was Conan's heir apparent. I'm not alone when I say I've got money on Conan picking up this video and giving it air time. And hey, if you can't trick a late night host into thinking they're your dad, at least you can trick them, into bolstering your burgeoning comedy career.

Do you think this guy's the real deal?


Image via Greg Keating/YouTube

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