1 Video That Could Change Your Driving Habits Forever (VIDEO)

speedYesterday we learned that reality TV star Honey Boo Boo and her family were in a car crash that landed them in the hospital. The accident was caused by a speeding car -- which is why this is a good time for us all to resolve to SLOW THE EFF DOWN while driving this year. If you need a reminder or know someone else who does, this video will do it for you. Can you imagine staring into the eyes of a father just about to lose his young son's life to a traffic accident?


It's that father pleading with the speeding driver that gets me the most. There's his son, in the back. You can see the pain in the father's eyes. He's about to lose his son if the driver doesn't slow down. He knows he made a mistake, but it's still within the driver's power to make sure that mistake doesn't kill an innocent child.

Did you follow the logic about making mistakes, though? It really doesn't matter who is at fault. It doesn't matter if someone pulls into an intersection on a green light but without an arrow. It doesn't matter if someone pulls onto the road without looking first in your direction. If you are driving too fast to respond, you are at fault. You are responsible.

I think this is a video everyone who drives needs to see. Even if you're usually a careful driver and even if you think you have fast reflexes. We're all in a hurry sometimes. No one ever gets behind the wheel thinking they're likely to kill someone today, which is why you have to realize that killer could be you. Yes, YOU. We make mistakes. Some parts of driving are beyond our control. But speeding? That's something we actually can control -- and should.

Did you have anyone in mind when you were watching this video?


Image via NZTransportAgency/YouTube

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