Mattress Store's Sign Guy Gets Touching Flash Mob Surprise by Strangers (VIDEO)

cody crothers flash mobAfter Cody Crothers was accepted to his dream school, Ohio State, he found out that he couldn't afford to go. So, in an effort to save money for college, he began working as a sign artist for a mattress store (think Justin Timberlake in "Omeletteville"). For eight hours a day, five days a week, regardless of the weather, Crothers danced on the side of the road, holding up a sign for the store, and brought a smile to people's faces. So much so that a flash mob was formed in his honor.

If you do one thing today, watch this awesomely uplifting video of Crothers, the happy sign dancer just trying to save for college, getting flash mobbed by a bunch of strangers. He touched their lives and had no idea.


This is great. Not only does it help restore our faith in humanity, it's something so many of us can relate to. I mean, how many of us have worked completely thankless jobs, where we're underpaid and overworked, getting barely as much as a "thank you" from customers or bosses? It's so nice to see that Crothers's enthusiasm didn't go unnoticed. It's doubtful that this is his ideal job, but he put 100 percent into it and got something in return better than any paycheck. (But flash mobbers did make a contribution to his college fund, to boot!)

I don't know Crothers, but from the looks of him in the video, he seems like a really awesome dude. Glad people took the time to tell him that he brightens their day. And he's enrolling in his dream school this spring! Congrats!

What's the worst job you ever had?


Image via Steve Kirschener/Vimeo

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