2 Drunk Women Show Why New Year's Eve Interviews Shouldn't Be Live (VIDEO)

2 drunk womenWhat did you do on New Year's Eve -- do you remember? Maybe you don't because you fell asleep on the sofa before the ball even dropped. Or maybe you don't remember because New Year's Eve is kind of the Las Vegas of holidays. What happens on New Year's stays in New Year's. Know what I mean? I think this is a holiday best left untelevised, which is why I'm cringing for these two drunk women celebrating New Year's Eve with a very liberal (ahem, FOX News) dose of profanity, as one does. Hey, hey laaaydies, whatcha gonna do tonight?

Dear readers, you may want to put on headphones before watching this video. NSFW and all that.


Did he really call her a "tall glass of water"??? I think that may be even more regrettable than the "we're gonna f*ck sh*t up!" call to par-tay. I mean, they're just drunk. What's his excuse for such a cheezeball remark? And where's FOX's seven-second delay, anyway? If you're doing LIVE coverage on NYE, maybe you should kinda expect the people you interview to f*ck sh*t up -- verbally.

At any rate, I'm happy for these two revelers who are obviously enjoying their night out. That's exactly what the holiday calls for. Hopefully they danced all night and remembered to drink water so they didn't feel like f*cked up sh*t the following morning/afternoon. I think everyone should have at least one New Year's Eve memory you keep to yourself. One of those nights when you wake up wondering, "What the hell was I thinking?!?" -- but in a good way. Like you can't believe you just did that, but you're glad you did, and maybe you should never do that ever again. I don't have anything specific in mind. I certainly have never done anything regrettable-not-really-regrettable on New Year's Eve ... that I would tell you about.

I'm sorry, what were we talking about? New Year's resolutions, right? Something about drinking more green juice, going paleo, working out three times a week. Yeah, let's just pretend that's what this post was about.

Do you have any New Year's Eve memories you'd prefer to keep your own little secret?


Image via Live Leak, FOX News

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