Soldier Whose Christmas Gifts Were Stolen Learns True Meaning of Christmas (VIDEO)

A soldier learned the true meaning of Christmas this year when his entire town banded together to give him and his family the holiday they deserved after all of their gifts were stolen. A thief broke into the family home while Army Cpl. Chris Petrossian was still in Afghanistan and two days away from returning home and stole everything that Petrossian had ordered online and shipped home for his family for Christmas Day. His wife, Cheryl, had come home one day to find their house ransacked -- and all of the gifts missing. Bah humbug, indeed!


Petrossian told KCRA:

After being gone that long, you want to have a good Christmas and good homecoming," Petrossian said. "This year, I went all out and brought a lot of extra stuff -- and they have it now. (It) makes you feel helpless when you can’t help (and) when you are stuck somewhere else.

The Grinchy robber made off with $5000 worth of presents, including video games, a GoPro camera, a digital camera and an iPad.

Said Petrossian:

It was all sitting on the desk and they just ripped open all the packages and helped themselves to whatever they wanted, which was everything.

Ugh, how awful!
But when word got around the town of Lodi, California, about what had happened, donations began pouring in. Within a couple of days, even before Christmas arrived, Petrossian was able to replace virtually everything that had been stolen.
My friends, THIS is the Christmas spirit, right here. Petrossian said he feels "bad" about taking donations from neighbors because he is "used to working" for everything he's got.
He's not thinking of the neighbors. It makes them feel good to help! This is the kind of thing people need to do to feel whole, to feel part of humanity. Sometimes it's your turn to accept. It is very hard, especially if you are used to serving. But everyone needs to feel what it is like to help and serve sometimes, and it's great if you need it, you allow it.
Anyway, unlike some kids who don't understand what Christmas is all about, Petrossian's 6-year-old daughter Adrianna does. She said she's already got the best Christmas gift anyway: Her daddy came home!
How did you help out others for Christmas?
Image via KCRA
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