Deployed Soldier & Wife Create Brilliant Xmas Card 'Together' While Miles Apart (PHOTO)

christina perdue christmas cardAlthough it's always hard for military couples to be apart when one person is deployed, it's extra hard around the holidays. Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa are special times of year; times when we focus on our families and loved ones. And one of the many holiday traditions for families who celebrate Christmas is to send out holiday cards. Photo holiday cards, specifically. (Think about it: How many cards have made their way to your mailbox this season?)

But one couple faced a major challenge when attempting to put together their beloved photo Christmas cards this year. See, they were far apart. Really far apart. Seven thousand miles, to be exact. Sgt. Daniel Perdue was stationed in Afghanistan, while his wife Christina was in Westchester, New York. But they came up with a solution that couldn't possibly be more perfect.


christina perdue christmas card

Daniel and Christina both held up halves of a "Merry Christmas" sign and then combined them to make it seem like there was only one sign. On the left, there's Daniel in Afghanistan, and on the right, there's Christina, clad in a Santa hat in snowy New York. Christina said that their family "may not get to be together for the holiday but we still manage to come together with our holiday photo." She said she wanted to "make the card epic," so she searched online and came across this idea. She sent Daniel his half of the poster board, along with instructions on how to pose. She then digitally combined the two halves of the photos with her iPhone. The result? Pure awesomeness.

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It must have been so nice for Christina, who's spent two out of the last five Christmases with her husband, to put cards in the mail this year that had a photo of the two of them "together." And guess what? This is Sgt. Perdue's last deployment, so next year she'll get to send out the real deal.

Happy holidays to all our troops, and thank you for your service.


How did you and your loved one celebrate the holidays when one of you was deployed?


Image via ABC

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