Soldier Surprises Father for Christmas After Serving Overseas for 2 Years (VIDEO)

zack mucha father homecoming christmas concertThere's a reason so many Christmas songs have to do with going home for the holidays. What would the season be after all, if we couldn't share it with our loved ones? That's why it's even more heart-rending to think that for many serving our country overseas, going home is impossible. Such was the case for Cpl. Zack Mucha, who hadn't been home in two years ... But the soldier finally got his chance this year.

Considering how long its been since he last saw his family, it's no wonder that he wanted to make his homecoming an especially memorable one. Thankfully, Zack was aided in his effort by the organizers of a Christmas concert at the Copernicus Center in Chicago and a local senior home in Round Lake, his hometown. Not only did they help him get home for the holidays, but the concert "set the stage" for Zack to surprise his father in a truly heartwarming, tear-jerking homecoming ...


During the show, Zack's unsuspecting father was asked to come up on stage to hold the American flag during a performance of "I'll Be Home for Christmas." That's when his son walked on stage to greet him. Tears were shed and cheers were shouted by all.

Check it out ...

Yeah, it's pretty much impossible to watch this and not get choked up ... There's nothing like being home for the holidays -- and someone like Cpl. Mucha, who has sacrificed so much to serve our country, truly deserves everything he was given -- and was able to give! -- as a result of his community coming together to support him. If this isn't what the spirit of the season is about, I don't know what is!

What was the most heartwarming holiday homecoming you've ever been a part of?



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