Dancing Cop Spreads Holiday Cheer Shimmying in the Streets (VIDEOS)

dancing cop providence RI 2013There are plenty of fun, magical, and newsworthy ways communities all over the country are celebrating the holiday season, and Providence, Rhode Island is all about a policeman with some fancy footwork. 66-year-old retired police officer Tony Lepore, better known this time of year as "Dancing Cop," has reportedly been "injecting dance moves into his police work" for almost 30 years! Ha! And after he retired, in 1992, the New England metropolis swore him in again and invited him to direct traffic  ... and dance whilst doing so! Ever since, he's been taking to the streets to delight crowds. He's a veritable tourist attraction!

It's easy to see why. Not only does the man have serious moves and told the Boston Globe in 2011, he's a "people person." Check out the most recent footage of him in action on the streets of Providence ...


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And here's a great clip from 2011 ...

As someone who has lived or spent time in Boston, London, and NYC, I've seen my fair share of street entertainers, and Officer Lepore could jam with the best of 'em. The man totally deserves all the headlines he's been making for spreading holiday cheer in such a fun-loving way! And props to him for keeping it up at 66, continuing to make the holiday season even brighter for Providence -- and the whole of the web!

If you're in the Providence area, you can check out Lepore's moves on weekdays from noon to 1:30 p.m. through Christmas Eve, according to the Providence Journal.

What do you think about Dancing Cop?

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