Airline Plays Santa & Gives Fliers Exactly What They Want for Christmas (VIDEO)

WestJet Christmas GiftsThere's nothing better than buying someone the perfect present they want during the holidays, then seeing the look on their face once they open it. The excitement. The tears welling up in their eyes. The satisfaction you get knowing you did damn well. Well WestJet Airlines wanted to give fliers an early Christmas surprise this year. The Canadian airline set up a screen at airports in Toronto and Hamilton, Canada, where fliers scanned their boarding passes and spoke to a virtual Santa Claus. About 250 fliers interacted with the virtual Claus, telling him what they wanted for the holidays.

What happened next? Well, volunteers went on a shopping spree and stuffed their carts with everything the lucky fliers "asked" Santa for for Christmas. When the fliers landed in Calgary, their gifts were wrapped and delivered on the baggage carousel.

Grab the tissues. Their reactions will make you absolutely lose it.


Note: Since you know how this goes down -- skip to 3:08 to watch the passengers' fabulous reactions.

The mom who opens the camera and the family who props up their little one atop their new TV are hands-down my favorites. It's so wonderful to see how truly appreciative all of these lucky recipients really are. It's a nice reminder that the holiday season is all about giving. It's all about that smile.

What are you asking Santa for this year?


Image via Smarty Po/YouTube

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