Wedding Bouquet Toss Goes Horribly Wrong (VIDEO)

What is it about weddings and the bouquet toss that turns some women into athletes? I've seen ladies in their 60s battle it out with 20-somethings in an effort to take home a prized arrangement of carnations and roses -- it's madness! As this video shows, an old-fashioned and -- many are starting to feel -- silly tradition still has some women under its magical spell. And they will do anything, including risk getting a concussion, to take home that bouquet.


In the video, a bride tosses her bouquet and it lands in what looks like an indoor garden area. That fact doesn't deter one guest, who dives headfirst into the garden to get her flowers. After going the distance, you can't deny that she certainly deserves the bouquet -- but does she really believe it holds the power to bring her a marriage of her very own? What is it that makes some women so nuts when it comes to the bouquet toss?

Along with the garter belt tradition, which I hate and didn't include in my wedding, I was totally against throwing a bouquet. I know lots of single women who are in their 30s, 40s, and 50s, and I couldn't imagine asking them to step right up and compete over who will be the next lucky gal to marry. Many of them could care less about getting married and I find the whole thing a bit insulting. 

My mom and several others convinced me that many women still look forward to the bouquet toss, so I kept it. And, to my astonishment, two ordinarily normal and mild-mannered wedding guests actually fought over the stupid thing, pulling it in both directions until the winner got her flowers. Total insanity. Total regret.

But hey, at least the other guests get a good laugh out of it, right? And thanks to Reddit and YouTube, we can all witness what happens when a bouquet toss goes horribly wrong. 

What do you think of the bouquet toss tradition? 


Image via jmayer1129/Flickr

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