Cruel 'Coma' Prank on Drunk Driver Just May Cure His Drinking Problem (VIDEO)

What would you do if your friend just wouldn't stop drinking and getting behind the wheel? Throw his car keys into a gutter? Hire a cop to follow him 27/7? If you're YouTube prank puller Tom Mabe of MabeinAmerica, you decide to make your DUI-loving friend into the butt of a prank -- but hopefully one that will scare the bejesus out of him and wake him up to his very dangerous behavior. After Mabe's nameless friend, who had five DUI arrests, passed out drunk (again!), Mabe set up an elaborate prank that made the man think he'd been in an accident that put him into a coma for 10 years -- and that he was waking up in 2023.


The man wakes up in a "hospital room" -- which the prankster set up with help -- and a "nurse" tells him: "Some time ago you were out drinking and you were in an accident."

She leaves and then a "doctor" enters. He informs the confused man that it's been 10 years that he has been comatose. He asks for his daughter and the "doctor" tells them his family is on their way. The man is then left to watch a fake new show anchor describing how "former songstress" Miley Cyrus is being evicted from her trailer park for "refusing to stop defecating in his neighbor's yard." She was also "reportedly" arrested for "cooking meth in her double wide."

Other tidbits from this look into our future:

Hillary Clinton is president and threatening to attack Canada. Justin Bieber and Dale Earnhardt, Jr. are "lifetime partners."

I don't know about you, but those news stories would totally convince me this is real life.

Tom then comes in disguised as a doctor. Though this is his friend, the man doesn't seem to recognize him until the good "doctor" begins slapping him and yelling, "Five DUIs!"

Oooh, man. The guy is laughing, but at the end, he seems like maybe he's gotten the point. Hopefully? Damn, this prank was a tad cruel but not as cruel as his drunk driving! I sincerely hope this guy realizes that he is lucky this was only a prank.

Do you think the prank will set him right?


Image via MabeinAmerica/YouTube

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