'Angel of 9/11' Face Spotted in Wreckage From Tragic Day (VIDEO)

Face of an AngelThe face of an angel spotted in the wreckage from the Twin Towers on September 11 is giving hope to so many people. This, along with the "chorus of angels" heard singing from Ground Zero, is the stuff of miracles and would almost make a believer out of any of us.

What do you see in the photo?

For most of us, September 11 is a painful day full of sadness and heartbreak. Each year, on the anniversary, we take the time to remember each of the souls lost on that horrible day, but if you believe in any kind of life after death or even that terrible events permanently scar our world, then why wouldn't 9/11 qualify as such an event? Why wouldn't those we lost that day leave a reminder of their violent, untimely deaths? See below:


The piece comes from a collection slated to open at the National September 11 Memorial and Museum in Manhattan in 2014. For some the steel column represents the face of an angel. It's believed to have come from exactly the spot in the North Tower, in between the 93rd and 99th floors, where one of the planes struck 12 years ago, bringing the tower down just a couple of hours later.

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Workers are calling the face the "Angel of 9/11." It's a beautiful sentiment and one that gives hope to anyone who is grieving. There might be life after death. It really is possible.

Experts say that, in fact, the "face" is just corrosion and that it's a natural occurrence, but the rest of us are choosing to believe. If you have ever visited the site of 9/11, there can be no doubt that it's a solemn place where the energy just feels different.

Even for those of us who are skeptics, who believe in science and scientific explanations for most things, it's hard not to believe this. After all, there is a face there. Plain as day. How you choose to believe it got there is really a matter of faith.

What do you think put that "face" there?


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