Amazing Flash Mobs Like This Makes Those Airport Security Lines Less Annoying (VIDEO)

Ugh, holiday travel. Nothing more annoying. The crowds, the delays, the crying babies and quick tempers. Once you get to the other end of it and are with family and friends, hey, it's great. (Well, there are exceptions.) But the getting there? Abysmal. Which is why every single airport in the world should great your arrival with a flash mob holiday song (remember when this used to be called caroling?). Like this one in Northern Ireland!


An Ohio family won a gift of a free trip to Northern Ireland to visit family. When they arrived, they were shocked that the entire airport burst into song. Check it out:


Okay, perhaps some of that was lip-dubbed. But most people were all too happy to stop what they were doing and sing along. This makes me think that we should all just remember that we're all fighting our own battle to get home. Some of us are dead tired and have been up with sick children all night.

Some of us are headed home to ill parents. Some of us are in the middle of divorces. Just remember everyone has tough times, so when you're annoyed by that wailing infant, or that dude who is moving way too slow, or that woman who won't get off her cell phone behind you -- you don't know what that person is going through. Try to be kind.

You might even want to burst into a little holiday song.

What do you do to make holiday travel easier?

Image via discoverNI/YouTube

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