LAPD's 'Walking Dead' Spoof Is So Awful It's Hard Not to Love It (VIDEO)

LAPD zombiesIf I told you the LAPD had created a seven-minute public service video intended to educate the public about not leaving valuables in their cars, would you be excited about watching it? Yeah, that sounds about as thrilling as a high-definition, slow-mo clip of paint drying. But what if I told you the video involved … ZOMBIES?

The LAPD apparently decided that the popularity of The Walking Dead means people will watch any damn thing with zombies, and while I kind of want to eye-roll their spectacularly lame creation, it's actually pretty hilarious. Somehow, this video crosses that delicate line between Just Downright Terrible and Awesomely Campy, and while I'm not completely certain it was the best use of police resources, "Invasion of the Zombie Bandits!" is surely more fun to watch than your typical PSA.


The LAPD's Northeast Division put together this oddball mini-movie to encourage citizens to stop leaving cellphones, tablets, purses, and other items lying in plain sight in their cars. As a police captain explains towards the end of the clip, over 400 vehicles get burglarized every week in the city of Los Angeles, and the best way to fight these crimes is to remove temptation … or risk having your windows smashed in by ZOMBIE BANDITS.

Here's the video:

Haa, did you notice what the dude is reading at the beginning?

I also like the bow-chicka-wow-wow music that kicks in when the cop car pulls up, and the fact that the cop slides across the hood before grabbing a non-department-approved chainsaw.

According to Capt. Jeffrey Bert, the decision to spoof a zombie show came thanks to AMC's runaway hit:

We said, 'Let's look at what pop culture does.' Twenty million people watch 'Walking Dead.' Well, zombies work, and we decided to keep it pretty G-rated.

I swear, that's even funnier than the video itself. Yo dawg we heard you like zombies so we put some zombies in your zombies. 

Anyway, the resulting video is obviously beyond bad, but it's maybe so bad it's kind of good? At least it makes an attempt to take a dry subject and make it funny. Slow clap for you, LAPD, but let's hope you don't quit your day job, because you've got a looooooooong way to go before approaching Walking Dead watchability.

What did you think of this PSA?

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