Family Dances on Top of SUV in Chicago Traffic Like That's a Good Idea (VIDEO)

family dancing on top of suvI don't think you could call this a flash mob exactly. Several adults and four children held up traffic in Chicago's Loop when they got up on top of an SUV and danced to Ellie Goulding's "Lights." As you do. I don't know why they did this. I think maybe they were trying to spread joy? At any rate, the local authorities were not amused. Three of the adults were arrested and the children were handed over to Children and Family Services. Because! You don't let your children dance on top of an SUV in the middle of traffic, that's why!


Heyyy, impromptu dance party, here where it is dangerous! WTF? This would be kind of cute and funny (but sort of lame because they don't have enough people) if it had just been adults. But dragging kids into the picture... ooh, no. That just scares us. But why? Why did they do this? Were they on drugs? All we know is that they came from Arizona. They came from Arizona to dance to "Lights" on top of an SUV in the middle of traffic in Chicago. Well, every has to have a dream, I guess.

Why do you think these people decided to up and dance in the middle of traffic?


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