Hot Marines Bust Out in Epic Impromptu Dance-Off at Ball (VIDEO)

marine corp ballWell, it doesn't get much more fantastic than this. A video of a dance contest held at the U.S. Marine Corps Ball last year has just gone viral, because oh my god, it's so awesome!!! A few Marines take to the dance floor to show off their moves to Michael Jackson's "Billy Jean," but one man in particular really steals the show. No joke, the guy is almost as good as MJ himself. But then it gets better! A dance-off ensues with other Marines who can dance like nobody's business, also!

If you do one thing this Veterans Day, thank a veteran you know. But if you do two, watch this epically awesome video and share it with your friends.


Doesn't disappoint, right? And you can't help but smile while watching it. These guys are nothing short of completely awesome. For both serving our country, and for being such bad ass dancers. Love!

On a scale of 1-10, how awesome is this?!


Image via Gabriel Garcia/YouTube

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