'Price Is Right' Contestant Gets So Excited She Takes Off Wig (VIDEO)

price is right wig contestantIt might be everyone's secret dream to be a game show contestant. There's a chance of winning some major cash (even after taxes) and you get a little face time on boob tube. So naturally if you have this chance to be on TV and win tons of money, you want to look your best -- and represent yourself as you are. Which is why I absolutely love Price Is Right contestant Aliaya.

She's not only wearing an incredible hipster-esque airbrushed t-shirt that says "Chocolate Chick," but a fabulous wig, which she tears off as she runs up on stage to give Drew Carey a hug. Oh yes, see for yourself.


Aliaya rules! But ... can we talk about Drew Carey for a moment? He's about as scary as Carson Daly was when he lost all the weight. I think he needs to put a few more back on, eh? Are we sure it's the same man? Okay, back to Aliaya ...

The Sacramento, California, contestant is a winner and not just because she gets to take home $10,000. Holy smokes, $10,000 for guessing crayons, doggie treats, and Aspercreme were under $8.50? I WANT TO BE ON A GAME SHOW! I CAN DO THAT! Aliaya is a winner in my book because she's so real. Sure, the wig is fake, but her real hair looked cute all tucked up in a little bun. Her joy of just getting the chance to win ... so true, so heartfelt, she's so effervescent, you can't help but be happy for her in her amazing t-shirt. 

Memorable win, Aliaya! Happy for you!

Do you think you'd do something "crazy" if you got a chance on a game show?

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