Airline's Epic Safety Demo Will Actually Make People Pay Attention (VIDEO)

virgin safety videoIt's shocking that it's taken this many years for this to happen, but as of this week, there officially is a good, non-corny, un-boring airplane safety video. A safety video that won't make you feel as though you're sitting in a giant metal box that hasn't been updated since the early '80s. The airline responsible? Why, Virgin Air, of course. Because having a run-of-the-mill safety video in an aircraft that's equipped with pink and purple mood lighting just doesn't make sense.

Richard Branson, 1; World, 0.

Check it out:


Okay, so it's not Citizen Kane, but it is kind of the Moulin Rouge of airplane safety videos in the sense that it doesn't automatically make you tune out. And it has legitimate talent. The video was directed by Jon M. Chu of Step Up 2: The Streets and Justin Bieber: Never Say Never fame; choreography was done by Jamal Sims, of Dancing With the Stars; and American Idol star Todrick Hall and 10 So You Think You Can Dance alumni were among the 36 dancers. Not bad for a safety instruction video.

Sadly, the vid is already out of date, because the FAA just ruled that cellphones are now permitted from gate to gate (no talking, but we all will be able to play Words With Friends without a flight attendant being up in our junk). So the line in the video that asks passengers to shut off their electronic devices is already outdated. Womp, womp.

Awesome video though, Virgin! I'm sure other airlines will be following suit shortly. Thank god.

What do you think of this safety video? What do you think of the new cellphone rules?

Image via Virgin America/YouTube

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