Vampire Prank Scares the Daylights Out of Unsuspecting Pedestrians (VIDEO)

ed bassmaster vampire in the cityAs a self-confessed scaredy cat, I've never been into pranks or practical jokes. Doing them or being the target of 'em! But this Halloween, there have been some hilarious ones I can't help but crack up over ...

First, comedian Tom Mabe's flying grim reaper freaked people out in a park, and now, YouTube funnyman Ed Bassmaster has taken to the streets of Philadelphia to terrify passersby as a "Vampire in the City." Even if you're like me and a 'fraidy baby, this is a must-watch, because it is downright hysterical!


TOO funny, right? Well, although, it's all fun and games from afar, watching Ed terrorize the neighborhood through your computer screen. If he actually came up to me, I would completely freak out! I had the living daylights scared out of me by some guy in a horrifying costume who crept up on me while I was innocently cruising down a NYC sidewalk a few years back, so whoa, do I feel Ed's "victims'" pain. Eek!

But get this -- Ed himself was actually kinda freaked out! Speaking exclusively to us, the comedian admitted, "The woman who swung on me looked like she was gonna knock me out!" Ha! Well, good thing she didn't, because that would've meant many pedestrians would've missed out on one of the most hilarious Halloween pranks yet.

By the way, if you loved this, you'll definitely wanna check out Ed's "Zombie Drive-Thru" prank from last year!

What's the freakiest encounter you've ever had like this?


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