Weatherman Accidentally Eats Most Disgusting Thing Imaginable on Live TV (VIDEO)

weatherman cat vomitIf Internet video has blessed us with one thing in great abundance, it's on-air weatherman gaffes. I've seen weatherpeople do everything from suffer a diarrhea attack while cameras were rolling to the lady who managed to draw a hilariously well-endowed penis on her touchscreen while illustrating a construction zone. However, what I'm about to share with you today is probably the most cringeworthy live TV moment in the history of reporting the weather.

The dubious honor goes to Scot Haney at Hartford CBS affiliate WFSB, who has given us all a GREAT example of why the five-second rule isn't necessarily a foolproof strategy. You might not want to read farther if you currently enjoying your lunch; otherwise, let Mr. Haney be your cautionary tale against eating things off the floor.


So here's what happened: Haney was doing the morning show when he spotted some crumbs on the floor. Assuming they were Grape-Nuts he'd managed to drag into the studio via the bottom of his shoe, he did what absolutely NO sane person would do ... he picked them up and ate them.

Let me reiterate -- he ate little chunks of something off the floor, because he thought they had been stuck to his shoe. This wasn't a dropped cookie situation, this was just a terrible decision all the way around and I almost want to say he got what he deserved. Except I can't, because the reality of what he had just tossed in his mouth (ON AIR) was too much punishment for any man, even a very foolish man.

You guys, it was cat barf. IT WAS CAT BARF.

Here's the hork-worthy video:

WFSB Channel 3

I love how he's initially disgusted over the fact that the chunks tasted like shoes. Then he suspects it might be dog poop. Then the awful reality washes over him:

Later, he provided what explanation he could via Twitter:

I'm pretty sure the world is still left wondering why he would have eaten anything that came off his shoe ... but I'm guessing this was one mistake he'll never make again.

What would you do if you somehow managed to accidentally eat cat barf? Because I'm pretty sure I would need a cyanide capsule.

Image via WFSB

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