Creepy Hiking Video Has People Scared & Hoping It's Just a Sick Joke

creepy hiking videoThis video has me totally creeped out and not wanting to go hiking again anytime soon, even though word has it it was just the work of a jokester on the Pacific Coast. It was filmed on Montara Mountain in Pacifca, California. The video involves a masked individual following a young woman hiking alone on the mountain and ... wait for it ... one startling and eerie part that is going to make you pee your pants. Did you see that one coming? Because I didn't.




Police apparently investigated this video after tracking down the guy who made it and uploaded it to LiveLeak ... because seriously how could you not, especially when he intros the video with this:
Just the way I like to spend my time once I'm at the Peak...;)

I take in the views...Coincidental Friend

I'll upload the rest of the video later...

Residents of the area did not find it funny. It scared the bejeesus out of a lot of people, who got pretty upset. Shortly after it was released, someone was quick to identify the woman in the video to say she was just fine ... although even still she's probably going to be retiring her Merrells or give up hiking alone for a while after seeing herself like this. I'm right there with ya, sister. [shivers]

Do you think this video is real or fake?
Image and video via LiveLeak
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