Boss Responds to Employee's 'I Quit' Video With His Own Shocking Dance Message (VIDEO)

boss responds to quit videoWhen Marina Shifrin made her "I Quit" video in stunning fashion doing an interpretive dance to Kanye West's "Gone," some people thought it was a bad idea, that she's burning bridges even though she was cool about it and called the company she was leaving "awesome." (I thought it ruled and in good form.) It was just time for her to go, so she left in what I thought was the best quitting video ever.

Well her boss saw it, of course. Now ex-boss. And he answered with a video of his own. See that guy in the white shirt dancing on the desk with his hands in the air like he don't care? That's the boss. And the message he sends is something you have to see to believe.


Well played! The company, Next Animation Media, is hiring. WE'RE HIRING! they boast! And they hire based on dance skills (clearly) and they eat their lunches at their desk because there are no restaurants around (hey we do that in NYC when there are places to eat right outside the door!). What sets this company apart from the rest is they have a rooftop pool and sauna.

Did you catch that? A pool. And a sauna. I want to work there. They also dress up and pretend shoot the boss. Seems like the best company ever to work for ... for like two years until it's time to move on like Marina did. Just kidding! But for some people, jobs do have an expiration date.

Oh and you saw that they wished Marina well? They wished her well! They are good sports. She didn't quit with anger. She quit with an interpretive dance without an ounce of venom. And everyone is happy! Good for her! Good for them! Good luck to all! 

Check out this mom's parody -- making her own "I Quit" video -- she quits her family. Whaaa?

What do you think of the boss's response?

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