'Glee's Naya Rivera Goes Wild After Her Brother's Touchdown for the Raiders (VIDEO)

naya riveraThe adorable Naya Rivera, who plays the cheerleading Santana Lopez on Glee, was her brother's biggest cheerleader when he scored his first career touchdown. Mychal Rivera is a tight end for the Oakland Raiders.

When you watch the video you can tell how happy she is. Naya went completely wild and even dropped an f-bomb or two. Oops! 


Don't worry, there's no sound of her to hear her curse words, but if you're good at reading lips, you'll know exactly what she's saying. Those moves! Those moves!

I love how she's supporting her little brother, even wearing Raiders gear and dressed all in black. Doesn't bother me that she's yelling out some bad words.

They ended up not winning but whatever.

Gooooo Gleeks! I mean Raiders!

What do you think of her celebrations?

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