Shutdown Showdown: House GOP Scrambles With New Bill

house of representativesWill we face a government shutdown on Tuesday? This afternoon House Republicans said they would present a budget bill that would prevent the looming government shutdown. As part of the package, the bill would delay implementing Obamacare by a year and eliminate a tax on medical equipment (part of the Affordable Care Act). It also includes a provision that ensures military service members still get paid no matter what.


The House bill will be a counteroffer to the budget bill passed this week by the Senate. It is also a less draconian attack on the Affordable Care Act; Tea Party supporters wanted the whole thing axed. Sources say the current plan has received unanimous support from Republicans. The bill is expected to pass the House today.

Meanwhile, Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid has promised to block any bill that harms Obamacare. If the House bill passes, that tosses the government shutdown ball back into the Senate's court. Will the Senate reject the bill, as they said they would? Is this enough of a compromise? We'll find out early next week.

What do you think of the idea of delaying implementing Obamacare for a year?


Image via Ron Cogswell/Flickr

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