Dying Father Gets to Walk Both His Single Little Girls Down the Aisle Before He Goes (VIDEO)

Walk down the aisleFor almost every woman, her wedding day is one she's looked forward to her entire life. One of the biggest components? Being walked down the aisle by her father. That's why when Fred Evans, father to four children including three daughters, found out he had cancer and just months left to live, he knew he had to get 'em down that aisle quick.

No, he didn't force his two single girls to tie the knot. Instead, he brought his entire family to a local church, telling each eventual "bride-to-be" that he had something special planned for their mother there. When they arrived, he revealed the truth wearing a tuxedo: even though he won't be there the day they do get married, he wanted to walk down the aisle while he still could.

I know. Absolutely precious and totally tear-jerking, right? So Fred handed them each a bouquet, and they did the walk. Watch the amazing video of Fred and his daughters walk down the aisle here. The surprise ending will most definitely make you grab the tissues.


I can hardly handle this, my eyes are wet. Fred and his beautiful wife renewing their vows must have been a special, special moment for the entire family. And walking down the aisle, well, you can see it in both of his daughters' faces how important that was. This family is lucky to have such an amazing man as a father, husband, and friend.

How beautiful is this?


Image via Fotolanthropy

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