Naughty Baboon Gets Overly Friendly With Female Reporter (VIDEO)

baboomA reporter's job is never easy. They've got to get up early to chase down big leads. They've got to work under tight deadlines and experience an insane amount of pressure. Sometimes they've got to interview challenging subjects. This last part is something reporter Sabrina Rodriguez knows all too well.

Assigned to "interview" a baboon as part of the Lodi Grape Festival, Rodriguez thought she was just in for your average puff piece. She had no idea that in an under a minute, the interview would take a hilariously left turn that would quickly go viral. I have maybe already watched the video 80 times.


It started off innocently enough. The mellow baboon named Mickey greeted Rodriguez with an affable and human-like shake of the hand. Pleased as punch, Rodriguez turned away from the baboon, only for him to demonstrate some pretty bad manners.

The dude full-on honked her boob while grinning off into the distance! It was totally bizarre! If he had been a guy at a bar, or a human interviewee, you can bet his sass would have earned him a slap. But Rodriguez was a champ who finished her segment with as little discomfort as she could. Absolutely hilarious.

Could you keep a straight face in this situation?

Image via NY Daily News

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