Dad Who Questioned 'Common Core' Education Standards Is Dragged Away by Police (VIDEO)

As if the debate over Common Core curriculum weren’t heated enough, now we have videotape of one dad being manhandled by the police for questioning the effectiveness of the educational standards now used by 45 states.

Last Thursday, Robert Small attended a town hall-style meeting held by the Maryland State Department of Education. Attendees were invited to submit their questions in writing, but this dad apparently decided to go off script when he asked, “How does lowering educational standards prepare kids for … college, because that’s what it’s all about?”


He was immediately shut down and removed from the room by an off-duty police officer acting as security. After being forcibly drug from the room, he was charged with disturbing school operations and second-degree assault.  The police report said that Small had attempted to push the officer away.

I guess that officer didn’t know that he was being videoed, because the only one being assaulted on the tape is Small -- by the cop. You can even hear the gasps from the crowd as Small is grabbed by the arm and thrown away from the microphone during the Q&A session.

Things start to get dicey around the 1:15 mark:

After being forcibly yanked by the police officer, the 46-year-old dad can be heard asking the question I’m sure a lot of us were wondering as we watched, “Hey, is this America?”

This guy wasn’t posing a threat to anyone. He looks like he’s just another frustrated parent who wants some answers about what’s being done to fix our failing educational system. Do you know what police intimidation does? It shuts down public dialogue and debate. Do you know who hated public dialogue and debate? Stalin. Just saying.

Seriously though, people should be free to question the government -- especially when it comes to the health, safety, and education of our children.

Do you think the off-duty officer handled this situation appropriately?

Image via Ann Miller/YouTube

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