Man Proposes to Boyfriend at Home Depot With Totally Epic Flash Mob Performance (VIDEO)

marriage proposal home depotWe've seen some pretty incredible, moving, funny, thoughtful marriage proposals hit the web, but it's rare that one comes along and has you grinning from ear to ear the entire time. No matter your background, orientation, or even current mood, there's something about the latest viral proposal video that can't help but make ANY human grin from ear to ear. And oh, yes, then totally well up and have a happy cry.

It all begins when a man named Dustin arrives at the Home Depot in Salt Lake City, Utah ... thinking he's there to help his roommate get a few things for a party. He was taken to the lumber aisle, and there, he's greeted by a group of colorfully-clothed family and friends performing an EPIC dance routine to “Somebody Loves You” by Betty Who, setting the stage for a marriage proposal from his boyfriend Spencer that will make your heart soar.

Check it out ...


AHH!! How can you NOT feel the love?! What an awesome, beautiful way to pop the question!

I've actually never been a big fan of proposals that go down in front of every single person in your lives -- I feel like that can sacrifice some of the intimacy of the moment -- but this one makes a clear case for doing it that way. Not only did Dustin and Spencer get their special moment, but they also got to share their joy with everyone else they love! So awesome. *Heart swell, happy tears!*

How incredible is this?!


Image via Spencer Stout/YouTube

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