Soldier Surprises Family at Birthday Dinner & Mom Has Weirdest Reaction Ever (VIDEO)

military homecomingAny reaction is always a great one when it comes to military homecoming videos, but the reaction of this mother innocently out for a birthday dinner has to take the cake. It takes her a good 12 seconds to realize that it's her son -- you know, the person she gave birth to -- standing right in front of her. Her other son immediately hops up out of his chair and embraces his long lost brother the moment he sees him. But Mom? Nope. No clue as to who the nice gentleman who just walked over to their table is.

You've gotta see this.


I love that she just sits there at first, staring at her own flesh and blood, completely oblivious to who the heck he is. She clearly was not expecting to see him any time soon. Surprise executed perfectly. Welcome home!

How awesome is this mom's delayed reaction?


Image via goose island/YouTube

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