Enraged Mom Moons Clerk Over Cell Phone Dispute (VIDEO)

detroit woman, moons cellphone storeA mom in Detroit found herself in some hot water after completely blowing her stack inside a cell phone store, and unfortunately for her, the embarrassing meltdown was all caught on tape. 

The mom in question, identified only as Stephanie, was so angry because she claims the store sold her son a damaged phone. She tried to return it in the original box accompanied by the receipt two weeks later but was told the return-by date had passed and there was nothing the store could do. That's when she not-so-quietly lost her mind.

We've all gotten frustrated when dealing with customer service, but I think it's fair to say most of us have managed to keep our pants on.


While no punches were thrown, the woman is shown knocking over everything she could find inside the tiny store. As she yelled at and berated the clerk, he calmly filmed the whole encounter on his phone. Once she realized she had become the star of a less-than-flattering feature film, she got even angrier -- dropping her pants and instructing the clerk to "film THAT." The clerk remained unmoved by the display, and the store has promised to press charges. 

Kids are definitely expensive, and spending the reported $200 on a phone only to discover it doesn't work is enough to make any parents rant and rave. The thing is, most don't. We use our words to work things out -- not our naked behinds. Wanting to watch every penny is one thing, but behavior like this from a parent is pretty appalling.

Have you ever lost your cool when trying to return a purchase?


Image via CNN

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