Father's Heartbreaking Reunion With Toddler Son He Thought Dead Will Make You Weep With Joy (VIDEO)

As worried as we all get about our children, most of us have it damn good compared to living in a war-torn country. Parents in Syria are going through hell right now, as reports have it that innocent women and children were recently killed with a nerve gas attack by the government. One young Syrian dad thought his toddler son had died in the horrific attack. But it turned out he was alive -- and well. The reaction when he's reunited with his little boy for the first time after thinking he'd lost him is one that will make parents weep.


The video was reportedly filmed in the Damascus suburb of Zamalka, where up to 1,700 people were reportedly gassed last week. Pictures of children laid out dead under sheets were all over the news. It's a horrific and tragic scenario over there.

But one little boy beat the odds. He was found alive. And when his father sees him for the first time, it's indescribable. The video was uploaded to YouTube and has since gone viral.

It starts off with what looks like a relative of the boy tearfully taking him from another man's arms as he sees he is okay. He hugs him fiercely, crying and smiling. Other men gather around with the same tearfully joyous expression.

Then the father comes out of a nearby building. He begins screaming. At first, it's hard to tell if he's upset or happy. But it becomes apparent these are screams of joy as he grabs the child and begins hugging him. It is one of the most gut-wrenching scenes ever.

The man is so overcome that he sinks to the ground, almost fainting. At this point, some other men take the child away so the father can compose himself. They help him up from the ground, kissing and hugging him.

He is then brought into the building (a woman is now holding the child) and sat down to rest. After making sure he is okay, the child is brought over and placed on his lap.

By this point, the poor stressed child is crying, but when he sees his father, he places his arms around him. I can't even imagine what this poor boy has been through.

Soon the baby calms down and the two are embracing.

If this doesn't activate your tear ducts, get thee to a doctor, stat! No matter how you feel about what is going on ov