Guy Proposes to Girlfriend With Sneakers in an Adorably 'Sneaky' Way (VIDEO)

hazel chu marry meThe last time we heard of shoes helping a girl meet the love of her life and live happily ever after, it was Cinderella we were talking about. Well, Hazel from L.A. must feel like she's living in a real-life fairy tale, because her boyfriend, Paul, popped the question like only a modern day prince could -- with a pair of custom sneakers!

Paul took Hazel to his favorite shoe store, Kicks, and while the two appeared to be doing some everyday perusing for footwear, he got down on one knee, presented the special pair of sneaks, then watched as his love put two and two together. And it was absolutely heart-melting!

Check it out ...


Too, too cute, right? How awesome is it that Paul chose to personalize his proposal in a way that was as memorable as it was practical! I have a feeling Hazel will definitely get plenty of use out of those new sneakers. (I can see the happy couple doing some jogging in Runyon Canyon now!) Also, what woman wouldn't be totally psyched to walk away from her proposal sporting not only awesome new bling, but new footwear to boot!?

No, but seriously, the best part is how the sneakers have such a heartfelt memory attached ... and Kicks must be a special spot for these two. Now it's destined to be a part of their love story for the rest of their lives. 

What was your reaction to this super-cute proposal?

Image via kickla/YouTube

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