Mom Screams With Joy When Military Son Surprises Her With a Very Public Homecoming (VIDEO)

Military homecoming surpriseAs a military mom, it's gotta be hard going about your daily life knowing that your child is in harm's way. I can only imagine how difficult it is for a mom who has multiple children away serving our country at the same time. Marla Lovato has been home in Albuquerque, New Mexico, missing both her Army sons Porter and Patrick Riley. Last Wednesday she went to a local baseball game and stood with her family on the field during the fifth inning to honor her two boys. It was there that she got the surprise of her life: her son Riley back from Iraq.

Considering Riley was gone for nine months, I can only imagine how excited Marla was to have him back in her arms. The sweetest part? He surprised her on his 26th birthday.

You're gonna LOVE her shriek when she sees her son, it's adorable. Watch the sweet reunion, here:


How sweet is this?


Image via koattv/YouTube

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