Babysitter Finds Giant Bear Napping Inside House -- Watch the Ferocious Cutie Having Sweet Dreams! (VIDEO)

bearWhat's up with bears these days, you guys? First, they're opening car doors like they're a g.d. soccer mom. Then they're stealing dumpsters, so they can rummage in private and not scare the bejeezus out of local restaurant employees. And now they're taking naps in our homes. Literally. A gigantic bear broke into a Florida home recently when it was raining, took an hour-long snooze on the floor, then peaced out after he felt rejuvenated, disturbing nary a person or object in sight.

And if you're wondering whether or not there's video proof of this insanity, you must be from Mars. In which case, greetings. Now check out the clip:


What. The. HELL!

The eight-foot black bear, thankfully, broke into the house through the screen door while the babysitter and 7-year-old boy she was watching were in the pool. No one was injured, but I can't imagine this image will escape either one of them any time soon, because they just saw a bear napping inside the house!

What would you do if there was a bear in your house?


Image via NBC

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