Marine's Sweet Homecoming Surprise Accidentally Scares the Bejesus Out of His Mom (VIDEO)

Marine surprises his motherIn my experience, parents don't always take surprises well. When you can pull one over on them, though -- it's the best feeling in the world. For one son, who recently spent a year deployed with the Marines, he was able to catch his mom in a shocker she'll most certainly never forget.

Mom thinks it's just another day. She thinks she'll walk into her house after doing errands, just like she usually does, where she'll be greeted by her adorable dogs. Instead, she's met by her son Jeff standing in the living room after spending a year away. And she FREAKS out. Poor lady!!

But in all seriousness, the shock in her voice and in her face is just all too cute. Watch this adorable homecoming, here:


He got her good, didn't he?!


Image via Ashley Jones/YouTube

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