Army’s Ban on ‘Vulgar’ Off-Duty Clothing Goes Too Far for Military Wives & Kids

fort irwinA new clothing policy has been put into place at an army post in Fort Irwin, California for off-duty soldiers, their families, as well as visitors. The new rules, which, among other things, bans "backwards caps," "pajamas and house shoes," and "torn, cut, or worn clothing," has some people up in arms. The policy change was posted to Fort Irwin's Facebook page, and around 400 people have been debating the issue in the comments section. One army wife wrote: "The good news is that I have ordered several burqas (all in black so as not to offend those who are sensitive to color) and I'll be able to use all of the facilities on post in the near future without harassment." And another inquired: "So would you tell an eight-month pregnant woman to take off her pajama pants? Just wondering. I never wore pajamas around post until I was pregnant."

Hmm ... while I completely understand wanting a respectable sense of decorum on an army base, are wives and kids really not allowed to wear PJ pants?


Other things that have been banned are "bikinis," "underwear as outwear," and "exposed midriffs." Those make complete sense. I 100 percent get that. Again, you want an army base to be a respectable atmosphere. But I, too, am wondering if some of the other things on this list are taking things a little too far. I mean, what would happen if a frazzled mom had to run out with her kids for something? Do they really all need to get dressed?

At the end of the day, military bases aren't public places, so any rules can be instilled. But I think perhaps a bit more flexibility may be in order here. Everyone should dress with a sense of modesty and respect at Fort Irwin, but sometimes you just need to run out in a pair of house shoes.

Do you think these rules are too harsh? Do you think spouses and children should be included in the dress code?

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